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Saturday, July 29, 2006

New York Film Acadmey

So I’m @ the New York film academy in Orlando Disney – MGM studios, were the weather here is extremely HOT & humid … Not comparing it to Saudi Arabia ;)

Anyway the course here is “good” they are teaching us Filmmaking on 16mm films … which are similar to the 35mm films used in Hollywood Movies.
We have been learning lighting measures, measures between actors & cameras, How to use different angles, lot’s lot’s of things related to filming … Also they have been teaching us editing on Final cut pro, Which is an editing tool used on MAC computers.

Actually the course let’s us Film two projects, the first one is a Continuity Film & the other is a Montage Film “Which you make small clips & match them together”

Most of the students who come here are from the states, and most of them are in film schools already or are going to join one.

But eventually the course gives you a taste of Filmmaking & what’s behind the sense.

I really thought that Disney is a place for kids … But it is really a Magical place even for adults … They have well resorts & places to go around.

We are @ a place called Port Orleans Resort River Side which is a nice bush garden if I can say . It has free transportation to the parks & also Downtown Disney … which has Many Shopping places, Restaurants & a huge Cinema …

I’ll be in touch with you soon Inshallah (SLAM)