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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One Year Blogging

So I have noticed that I completed one year with the “Blogging Industry” … How do you I rate it so far? Well in the beginning it was lots of fun … getting to now new people from different places, new ideas, and different types of thinking … Yes it’s a new experience.
The blog also increased my Writing in English, Which also I see important for a second language… (I need to work more on that).
Also I really had some goals by viewing my pictures … And having people make comments on them & sharing some thoughts.
@ The end I same a bit lazy. Also my work took most of my time, which made me not post as usual …

Anyway for people who have the time … Why not it’s great ... talking about your interests & having communications , Where you will find lot’s of people which have the same interests.
You don’t now maybe some day something will click