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Monday, January 16, 2006

Pull & Push (2)

Happy Eid:

Will happy Eid ever one I really hope that you enjoyed your holidays … Except students I know they haven’t ;)
My Eid was as usual at Al-Qassem were me & the family shared together Eid-Al Ath7a … We butchered 4 Sheep together in our uncles house … this year we have been joined by two new Boucher’s my 12 year old brother and my 12 year old uncle under the supervision of me & my cosines …
And also me & my cosines were under our direct managers my uncle & father …. Finally all of us were under our CEO the Grandfather “Hathloul” :)
Company bull shit guys … BEWARE

Mina Tragedy & Pilgrims Education:

We all feel sorry for what happened in Mina this year … the death toll of this tragedy has reached across 360 According to Arab News today … Believe me If any of you have been in Hajj you will not imagine these crowds until you see them by your self … and also you will not imagine the tremendous amount of work & effort the Saudi forces are doing to prevent such tragedies … SO WERE IS THE PROBLEM ?
Many people are blaming the Kingdom that they are not doing enough to prevent such tragedies …

Will in my opinion 90 % of them have not been to hajj to see what effort has been done!!!

I have been to Hajj before two years and in my opinion THE BIG PROBLEM is from the pilgrims them self’s …

Especially from pilgrims who are not educated to perform Hajj …

Hajj education should be mandatory on all pilgrims especially pilgrims from out side the Kingdom … there should be some kind of coordination between the Kingdom and our embassies regarding this matter … And they should focus on some African countries and countries from east Asia that most of the time come in groups and crush anybody on there way …

I see that Hajj goes threw 3 critical phases that most causes crowding:
1) going from Arafat to Muzdalifa after sunset on the 9’th of Dul Hijjah … Most of the crowding here is caused by buses trying to go out as fast as they can … forces & Hajj organizers are really risking there life’s in front of buses to organize the bus flows … If I can say this … most Bus drivers are crazy … it’s like the formula one … you just put your hand on your heart until your there … but once you are out of Arafat Bus parking every thing will go fine.

2) The crowed Caused when throwing the stones at Al-jamarat
On the 12’th of Dul Hijjah … the problem here is that 70% of the pilgrims are throwing at this day which saying more than 1 Million and a half … Keep in mind that they have another option to through from tomorrow … So we should go back to the education problem… Also one of the critical problems on throwing in Al-Jamarat Days is the people laying beside the Jamarat … They make a big miss … people go threw lines between Families with there children laying down … There should be a solution for this problem and it should be fast … I believe the main problem for the stampede that happen this year was because these people who are laying down with there luggage.

3) the crowed caused in Makkah in Al-Haram when finishing the Hajj … there are 3 floors in Al-Haram which can widely carry up to 2 Million people, But also here you can see mistakes of people taking the first floor … were than can see before going in that it is filled up !!! Anyway most of the times AL-Harm goes well because people are going in one direction.

I’m not trying to scar you hear NOT AT ALL … Hajj is a thing that you will never forget in your hole life … You just feel inside your heart always that every thing will be O.K under the care of Allah … So any body not done his Hajj yet, be ready for next year … It’s a journey that you will not forget … honestly I have never felt such joyful in my life …
It’s not something strange that problems happen with more than 2 Million people hitting the same place in 5 days.

Something Useful to do in Riyadh:

Really … I’m from the people who suffer to find something useful to do in Riyadh beside my work … Believe me never ever have your holidays in Riyadh it’s just something miserable … Anyhow I’m prod to announce that it’s time to break some sugars ladies & gentlemen … It’s (Sharee3 Al-Mushat) in King Abdullah Road … We Just Do Not Walk …
We are a Fat, Diabetic, High Blood pressure, Sick people
… No wonder that we take a 500 meter trip threw our BMW or our Hilux … We need to Walk Walk & Walk … So (Sharee3 Al-Mushat) is one of the best place’s to do that … The trees & flowers made on the Walk side gives you pure Oxygen and a fabulous Seeing … And the weather these days is nice in daylight … you will not Now that it is good until you try it … SO Get out there for God’s sake and be healthy …


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