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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


As one of the most boring weekends I have ever had in Riyadh.

Me & my friend were

Wondering where to go On a Weekend in the Boiling Summer. So I don’t

Think we lift anything that we couldn’t think about doing that we didn’t do, So

While We were on the Highway we saw on the sign (Old Diriyah), a very old city

near To Riyadh about 10Klm from northern part of the capital.

We have herd that it’s a quite nice place and we should enjoy the sunset with the

Beautiful old homes made by mud & hay …

These kinds of homes which are cool in the summer and warm in the winter,

Incredible designs that just make you stand still and say WOW …

Any way as usual I took some pictures from my Nokia mobile which I hope

That you will enjoy them …

Here are some pictures from the inside ....

Here are some pictures from the outside of the modern Mosque made recently.

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures

C ya all soon...

Monday, August 22, 2005

1 Team 1 Goal 1 Million

Mobily have calibrated yesterday there 1 million customer in Riyadh, the

Celebrations will continue today in Jeddah and tomorrow in Khobar.

Mobily is the second telecommunication company in the Kingdom

And it had lunched its service in the 25’Th of May this year.
So Mobily have reached 1,000,000 customers in less than 3 months

This gives an impressive start for the new company.

There has been news coming that Mobily will make a new world record

By building 1200 GSM’s in less than a year. The Kingdom occupies

Approximately 2,250,000 square kilometers (868,730 square miles).

Mobily are planning by the end of the year to reach 2200 GSM’s, also

To reach the number 2,000,000 customers.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Saudi Tops it's group to the World Cup

Korea Republic were beaten 1-0 at home by Saudi Arabia in their final FIFA World Cup qualifier on Wednesday, a result certain to pile more pressure on coach Jo Bonfrere.
Both teams had already qualified for next year's finals in Germany but for South Korea the match was seen as a chance to salvage some pride after a lacklustre qualifying campaign.
Those hopes were dashed as early as the fifth minute when Mohammed Al Anbar rose in the box to power a header past Korean goalkeeper Lee Woon-jae.
The Koreans, who reached the semi-finals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, fought hard to get back on level terms but lacked a cutting edge in the absence of talismanic striker Lee Dong-guk and Manchester United's Park Ji-sung.
The result left Saudi Arabia on top of Group A with 14 points from six matches with South Korea on 10.
Both teams clinched qualification for the 2006 finals in Germany this June along with Japan and Iran from Group B.

South Korea's Park Chu-young (R) walks past Saudi Arabian players celebrating their victory against South Korea after the final match of the 2006 soccer World Cup qualifier at Seoul World Cup Stadium, August 17, 2005. Saudi Arabia beat South Korea 1-0.

Saudi Arabian footballer, Al Abdullah Saheb (L) kicks the ball past South Korea's Kim Jung Woo during the 2006 FIFA World Cup Group A Asian zone qualifying match at the Word Cup Stadium in Seoul, 17 August 2005. Saudi Arabia beat South Korea .

Saudi Arabia's Naji Majrashi (top) evades a tackle from South Korea's Kim Jin-kyu at the second half of their 2006 soccer World Cup qualifier match at Seoul World Cup Stadium, August 17, 2005. Saudi Arabia beat South Korea 1-0


Congratulations for our Saudi team and I hope that every thing goes O.K in the

World cup …

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Summer Wedding's

Good Evening /Morning to you all ,

Here are some pictures of my cousins wedding last Friday …

Actually the timing of the wedding was tribally

bad, where we had to go back from

(Al-Rass) City (360 Klm) to Riyadh the Saudi Capital …

We arrived Riyadh at about 2:45 AM and we had to go work on Saturday

NO Sleep at All,,,

For all who do not no about weddings in Saudi Arabia & Gulf States we have I kind of tradition

in weddings were we all first gather at The Groom's house before the time of the wedding

for about one to two hours

Mostly after (Maghareb Prayer) Maghareb is the time of sunset and we stay Until after (Isha

Prayer) Isha is after Maghareb by an hour or a half, then after that when all people are

Gathered mostly the Groom's relatives, We go all and pick up are cars (Mostly the Groom's Car

is the best one) and then we follow the Groom until we reach the place of the

Wedding where the Bride’s relatives will be waiting for the Groom's relatives to

Come ... something we call back here (Janab).

When people arrive at the place of the wedding (Usually a big place that has

Many seats; like a hall), they serve Arabian coffee and some good smiling

Tree roots called (Bakhoor) after that mostly the Groom goes out of the hall

To I kind of room where he gathers with his family and the Bride’s family

And takes his wife wherever he wants ... ;)

Here are some pictures of the wedding, We start first with ( AbdulMajeed"The Groom") :



3..................... ( Hwer YAbol Hwaaaarah )

Regularly the Groom wares A (Shemagh) and An (Eegal )above his head and

A (thoob) which regular Gulf citizen’s ware …

In weddings the Groom adds to him self a (bisht) which he wares above the thoob for

The wedding …

Here Are some of the relatives ...

Mohammed (Abd Al-Majeed's Nephew)

Here is Abo Yaseeer (The Family's producer)

Abdulrahman (Are small Mathematician)

And Finaliy here is Me wishing you best of luck :

See Ya All Soooooon (Salamu Alaekum) Goood By